In today’s dynamic business environment, companies are increasingly recognizing the significance of a well-designed workspace in fostering employee collaboration, innovation, and productivity. When Odyssey made the decision to move offices, we wanted to shift towards a collaborative environment, focusing on an open floor plan, flexible work areas, and upgrading to high tech spaces.

Open Floor Plans & Collaboration

The new office layout at Odyssey Information Services has been thoughtfully designed to encourage interaction and cross-team collaboration. By moving to an open, more dynamic space, our company seeks to break down traditional office barriers and embrace a more agile and inclusive work environment. Absent from our previous office were shared spaces beyond individual workstations for carrying out tasks. We want our employees to feel empowered to step out of their offices, grab their laptops and a coffee, and work from a different space for a while. With this intention, we incorporated well-equipped meeting rooms and collaboration hubs into our new office design. These areas are specifically tailored to facilitate teamwork, knowledge sharing, and effective communication.


Modernized Workspace

Recognizing the profound impact of physical space on employee morale and productivity, a considerable amount of effort was dedicated to selecting office furniture. Our new workstations replace traditional cubicles and are equipped with standing desks and QuickFlex Walls from Vari. The incorporation of standing desks into our new office not only modernizes our workspace but also exemplifies our commitment to investing in our employees’ health and well-being. Additional enhancements include our conference room, which has been equipped to optimize efficiency during digital meetings. With the aim of fostering a more relaxed atmosphere and ensuring continuous employee engagement, we introduced couches along the expanse of our splendid arched window wall in the conference room. It is these carefully selected elements within our office that truly enhance the employees’ enthusiasm for embracing our hybrid work environment when coming to the office.

The office relocation not only represents a physical change for Odyssey Information Services but also presents an opportunity to reinforce and enrich the company’s organizational culture. The new workspace has been carefully designed to align with the company’s values, mission, and vision. The move represents an exciting chapter in Odyssey’s journey and sets the stage for continued success in the dynamic world of IT consulting.

Thank you Vari!

As we celebrate the new office, workspaces, and collaboration areas, its important to shout out Vari and our partnership with them to create the best possible space for our company, our culture and our overall vibe!  We worked together closely with Chris Nieto and the Vari team over a few months to make our new dream office space come to life. From the soft seating, mixed textiles, color selections, and design layout, we have crafted a space that we are very proud of, and we are happy to have partnered with Vari on this project.

Employee Feedback

“My favorite part of the new office is …. all of it!  The space was perfectly created and designed to fit our overall vibe and for the best use of all spaces to match our company atmosphere.” -Kayla Jandera, Sr. Business Development Manager

“The new collaboration spaces and the open kitchen allow more of us to get together and have conversations. This leads us to have more unstructured communication and learning opportunities. We look forward to having both our clients and consultants to stop by and visit the new space!” Jon Hibbs, CEO/Owner

“My favorite part of the new office would be my desk! I love being able to come to work knowing I have a comfortable and functioning workspace. The office has also helped with collaboration with my coworkers now that we have more open space and beautiful seating areas throughout the office!” Abby Singleton, Sourcer

“I love the new conference room and new technology we are utilizing. The digital white boards make our meetings more efficient in a hybrid environment.” – Kristin Hughes, Director of Recruiting

“A few of my favorite things about our new office is how bright, modern, and inviting it is! I am most excited for all the memories that will be made here, and to see the positive impact this new environment will bring to Odyssey’s culture and success!” – Lexi Thorne, Executive Assistant