Editor’s Note: Grace Coffman accepted a full-time position with Odyssey’s client in Houston after successfully completing a six-month contract with the same client. We thank her for sharing her recruiting experience as she sought out a contract role for the first time in her career. 

Why did you choose to become a consultant with Odyssey Information Services?

I chose to become an Odyssey consultant for several personal and professional reasons. Personally, I had always wanted to try consulting to see if “the grass was greener on the other side.” Professionally, I wanted to be a consultant through Odyssey because they were laser focused on preparing me for interviews and getting me on site with potential employers as soon as possible for face-to-face meetings. In an ever-involving job market, having a team on your side to help move you through the process meant I went from on the job market to employed in record time.

How would you describe your recruiting experience with Odyssey?

Recruiting through Odyssey was by far the easiest recruiting experience I have had. Throughout every step of the process, I knew what was expected of me and, in return, what I could expect from Odyssey and the interview process. I felt prepared for every interview and that my career goals and objectives were always being taken into account by my recruiter. I was not just another technologist, but a valued member of the team whose happiness and effectiveness on the job mattered.

How did Odyssey’s team help you succeed at landing the role?

Managing interview slots, researching employers and companies, and even brushing up on interview questions can be a time-consuming and frustrating experience. By going through Odyssey, I was able to focus on what really mattered: showing potential employers what I know and how I could be an effective member on their team. Odyssey helped cut through the logistical and bureaucratic hurdles that are involved with interviewing, on-boarding and working at large technical organizations. They offer ongoing support even after a job offer is made, ensuring that what seemed like a good fit on paper becomes a good fit in real life.

How would you describe the relationship you developed with your technical recruiter at Odyssey?

Working with Cassidy Macygin has been an absolute pleasure. She’s always been on point in following up on questions and concerns—never leaving me in a lurch about next steps. Beyond that, she’s been extraordinarily personable and approachable. As a first-time contractor, I had numerous questions about the hiring process and how contract differed from full-time. She walked me through everything I needed to know to give me the confidence to go on to finding the perfect role. I am extremely grateful for Cassidy’s professionalism and look forward to working with her in the future.

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Grace Coffman
Grace CoffmanGrace is a software developer in the Houston area. She successfully completed a six-month contract with Odyssey Information Services' client before accepting a full-time role with the same client.