Remote Managed Services

There isn’t a business in the world that can afford unplanned downtime for their business-critical systems. Still, many companies are unprepared with little or no proactive plan for issue prevention or emergency support. Odyssey’s line of Remote Managed Services provides expert team-based remote systems management for NonStop, Windows and Linux platforms, emergency support services, and automated proactive monitoring. RSM is a safe, secure method that you can rely on for proper management of your servers and applications.

Team-Based Approach that Doesn’t Miss a Beat

With our line of remote managed services, our in-house team of specialists will provide the tools and expertise needed to identify gaps in your enterprise support plan and develop customizable solutions to help your business operate at peak efficiency and reliability. We’ll work with your team to create a comprehensive systems management and support plan that fits the needs of your business and your budget.

No more 3 a.m. wake-up calls

As an IT manager, you know what’s it like to be woken up in the middle of the night because your server was interrupted. With the help of Odyssey’s RSM services, our dedicated team of IT specialists will monitor your systems 24/7 to ensure any interruptions are corrected immediately and you can wake up fully rested.

Dedication to our clients’ success earned recognition as a Top Performing Vendor by a global oil and gas company four years in a row.

“Odyssey Information Services has provided world-class NonStop managed support services for our clients’ retail environments and maintained 99.9 percent uptime for years, including hardware migrations. This is no small task as some of our larger clients process more than 100 million transactions a month.”

Eugene Stevens, Senior Architect

Client Success


Reducing Downtime with a Proactive SME Team Approach

CHALLENGES: Our client manager, who was responsible for supporting more than 10,000 retail service points in the U.S., was challenged with establishing a support center for the retail organizations to contact and resolve any problems. The environment he inherited had retail service points calling six different groups to figure out which organization was responsible for any problem that prevented his store(s) from processing transactions. More than one million transactions a day and billions in revenue were at risk. The normal maintenance and upgrades of equipment also needed to be addressed. Vendors who repaired equipment or communication services also needed to be managed as part of the support structure. The manager’s vision was to create one focused group that took all the support calls and coordinated communication with any other internal group or external vendor to get resolution on behalf of the retail service points.

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