Database Management and Support

Your business’ data is its most valuable commodity. Odyssey can help you keep it safe, keep it accurate, and keep it performing. From daily operations to performance design to backup and recovery, we will incorporate 20 years of experience keeping our clients’ databases running smoothly and always available.

Preserving your data

From a shortage of data management experience to poor data quality impacting customer support and product development, our team of experts can help your business overcome and prevent a wide array of data management problems.

Dedication to our clients’ success earned recognition as a Top Performing Vendor by a global oil and gas company four years in a row.

“Odyssey’s database management services have extended our technical resource pool and has identified data bottlenecks we didn’t know existed. Working hand in hand with our in-house developers, Odyssey’s database technicians ensure our applications are deployed and continue to operate with high performance in mind.”

IT Manager for a Global Manufacturing Company

Client Success


Applying NonStop SQL Performance Best Practices into DevOps Production Support

CHALLENGES: Our client’s application environment is very data intensive. Millions of queries, stored in a large platform independent database, are used daily to process a vast amount of applications. While the database’s design evolved as the business grew and changed over time, support for the platform’s performance did not. Technical management understood the need to improve performance, but it did not have the tools or approach to provide the executive team with the right metrics to justify focusing on optimizing database performance. The technical team approached Odyssey Information Services with the following goals:

  • Deploy application and database changes within a timely and efficient manner without negatively impacting critical business operations
  • Identify and prioritize performance problems
  • Define a standard set of reporting metrics to measure the environment

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